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Where are the dustbins in Bharuch
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The place is a hub of chemical industries, with the number of proficient engineers and workers residing in the city. With the caution involved in the chemical process industry pollutants, we should have kept the city clean to keep the environment breathable. But, where are the dustbins? where are we throwing our residential waste? I don't know, where I will find the community dustbin and will ever waste collectors will arrive in my region. As a result, people are throwing the waste in the barren lands, aside from the roads; just a few steps away from their home. In the rainy season, the conditions will worsen and we will find the filthy roads and the smelling ambience all-over. Sometimes, it is impossible to cross the certain regions. We have been spending a lot in Swacha Bharat Abhiyan but where is the transparency and guidelines for the waste generator. I surfed Nagar Palika contact, after a lot of trials someone picked up the call but neither they can give an answer to my queries nor they could direct me to the one to whom I can talk regarding this issue.

It is my sincere request to please convey the message. We will ensure the support from our community but we need a direction and support from the authorities.

Isnt we need to clean Bharuch



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